Asian League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA) was established in 2012. According to its article, a biennial general meeting and symposium should take place every two years to create a forum for discussing and exchanging pending issues on arts and arts education in Asia. With the authorization of ALIA President, Prof. Park, Jongwon, this year Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) is to host the 2014 ALIA Symposium in Taipei, including board meeting on Oct. 3, symposium on Oct. 4, and general meeting on Oct. 5. The theme of the symposium is “VIP in Higher Education of Arts.” It will examine the crucial issues of arts in higher education: Vision, Integration and Profession.

ELIA members will be welcome to participate. It is our honor to have your presence. With your continued support, ALIA will have more impacts and influences in the arts world.

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