Cultural program on Oct. 5 is optional with 6 routes to choose from. All registered symposium attendees can participate in the cultural program free of charge.

Route 1: TNUA Campus Tour

On the northern slope of Taipei Basin, the Taipei National University of the Arts has a beautiful school campus overlooking Taipei City. Its wide-open nature dramatized by lights and shadows represents a warm welcome to guests to share with its students and teachers a campus life that is vibrant with artistic creativity and cultural activities. During this tour you would be introduced with both nature and humanity features of the school.

Route 2: Kuandu

Kuandu is the neighborhood of TNUA, located at the edge of Taipei City, with unique landscape and culture. During this trip you are to be introduced with Kuandu Temple, the biggest Mazu temple in northern Taiwan of more than 300-year history. You would also have a trip at Guandu Nature Park to see the wetland at the junction of Tamshui River and Jilong River.

Route 3: Tamsui

Tamsui is a sea-side district in northern Taiwan. It is named after the Tamsui River, meaning “fresh water.” Because of its great geographic location as a major fishing and trade port, this area was once colonized by Qing Dynasty (from mainland China), the Spanish, the Dutch and the Japanese. Its history makes it a popular sightseeing spot in Taiwan at present time, with ancient buildings, modern reconstruction and delicious snacks.

Route 4: Beitou

Beitou is the most mountainous of Taipei’s districts, most famous for its hot springs. During the trip, you are going to see Beitou Library, Taiwan’s first eco-friendly green library, featuring with large windows and natural light. You would also be able to take a look at Beitou Hot Spring Museum, a hundred year old wooden building with mixed Japanese and Western architecture style. Here you’re going to understand the Japanese bathing style and experience the folk life of ancient Taiwanese.

Route 5: Selected Visual Art Attractions

During this trip you would be introduced with some of the most important public and private art center and galleries in Taipei, including Digital Art Center, Taipei, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Open-Contemporary Art Center, etc. You would have the opportunity to travel around Taipei with mass transportation (MRT) with the local. This tour is recommended to those who want to see Taipei with their own eyes.

Route 6: Selected Performing Art Attractions

Performing arts such as dance, music and theater are prevailing in Taipei. You can find all kinds of performances of different scales and themes. At this trip you are going to see Taiwan’s tier-one performance venues: the splendid National Theater and National Concert Hall; yet you would also be able to peek at one of the most pioneering theatres in Taiwan: Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre. You would travel by food and by mass transportation, a great opportunity to tour around the city.

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